Gaming Channel

Good day   Please help me to grow my gaming channel my main channel are only for flogging and not gaming videos And i would need all help to grow my gaming channel please comment below if u have any games request you would love to see sxary or funny Read More

CONDOM Challenge gone totally wrong

Hey guys in this video you will see how our condom went totally wrong watch full video to see what happened.   We also washed the cars and tried to setup the dish but failed with that.   Please comment below what else you really would love to see us doing any challenges.... Read More

Johannes Gaming Channel

Guys my main youtube channel is now ive started another channel for my gaming videos   Please subscribe to both channels if you have bot done so yet. Comment below what you want me to record next.... Read More

Tuzka Gaming Channel

Guys and girls   Please go follow Tuzka gaming channel she will soon be uploading videos and recommend what games she have to play on her phone. Comment down below so I can tell her. Read More