Short Info of Johannes89

Im a you-tuber trying to make videos for fun, i have tried doing vlogs was nice but did not work for me, then ive tried some horror stories that are really interesting and might just do more, and lately im doing gym videos at home to get myself in shape.


20 Aug2017

iJustin is a youtuber love to vlog and do unboxing videos and recently he started to do some game-play videos he do allot of Live Streaming so go over to his channel and check out his videos.


20 Aug 2017

TuberD was always know as Dameon Farris on youtube, UNTIL his brother got him to lose a competition then they changed the channel name and Muntro were able to post any content on his channel without him complaining no mater what he want to post he is allowed to quite funny so head over to his channel and watch his videos.

Garrett Rudd

20 Aug 2017

Garrett Rudd have always being loyal on my channel even thou he never say much but he will be the first one commenting on my channel he do game-play videos and some funny videos so head over to his channel and check his videos out.

Esme Kok

20 Aug 2017

Esme Kok love making videos of haunted places she is a paranormal freak if she can go to all the haunted places she will do so go check out her channel.


20 Aug 2017

Tuzka17 is a friend and a youtuber well ive convinced her to start off her channel and she really enjoy making game-play videos she is still super new into youtube videos so please head over to her channel subscribe and comment on her videos make her want to make even more videos.

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