Tutorials - Create Intro

Here Ill place a short turorial on how to create your intro for youtube.

First what you will need is to get yourself comfy infront of your laptop or pc and then we can get started.

1. you will need to go on the following website http://panzoid.com/

2. go on any clipmaker on the left side.

3. On the left side will be a panel where you can go thru and change all the text and so on.


Tutorials - Create Website

Here Ill place a short turorial on how to create your own website.

This is not as easy as you think but well there are so many ways of creating your own website.

1. you can create yourself a blog website no coding needed then you can get one similar to Johannesreality.blogspot.co.za you will just go to Blogspot.co.za register a name there for you and go to the settings and setup your profile and template as you would love it and then you can start blogging on there quite nice website to start your own blogging system.


Tutorials - How to save Data On Mobile Devices

Here Ill place a turorial on how to create your own website.Save data on your handset

There are really allot of things to do to save your data on y

our device ive made few videos to show what to do to save data

1. you will need to switch off all your automatic update.

1.1 In your settings -> about device -> software updates -> auto updates you need to switch of the updates in there.

1.2 You will need to switch of the auto updates in playstore and galaxy apps store.


Tutorials - How to get an Ad-sense Account.

This tutorial will give you the basic tips to get an ad-sense account

Everyone wants to make money off their ad-sense well if you think its easy to get and account with ad-sense you can think again.


1. Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content

2. Page Type / Design of your blog

3. No Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page

4. Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies


1. Write High-Quality Content:

2. Create Privacy Page for Your Blog:

3. Create About Page:

4. Setup A Contact Us Page:

5. Verify Your Name and Email:

6. Have Some Good Number Of Posts:

7. Make Sure You’re 18+

8. Improve Your Blog Design:

9. Check Your Content Type:

10. Use Top Level Domain:

11. Remove Other Ad Networks:

12. Check Your Traffic Sources:


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